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Album Review: Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

I finally received my Stronger CD in the mail today and listened to it in full for the first time, and I must say I LOVE IT! To be honest, Kelly Clarkson hasn’t really impressed my with her latest two albums, My December and All I Ever Wanted. Yes, there are good songs on both, but the albums as wholes don’t really appeal to me. I wasn’t really expecting too much when I heard of Stronger’s release, but when I did actually listen to it I was very surprised.

Kelly’s fifth album reminds me of her second album and most successful to date Breakaway. Just like that album, Stronger includes songs that will appeal to a lot of different music listeners. Kelly goes from upbeat dance tracks, to slow ballads, to midtempo songs, to songs that contain more of a rock-ish feel. She even goes country on one of the deluxe bonus tracks!

You’re probably wondering which tracks are my favorite so far? I have a ton, which includes “Mr. Know It All,” “What Doesn’t Kill You,” “Dark Side,” “Honestly,” “You Love Me,” “Einstein,” “Standing In Front Of You,” “I Forgive You,” “Hello,” and many more! The album is filled with potential single-to-be’s that I can’t even begin to think about an all-time favorite!

You’re also probably wondering if I recommend this album to you? I say YES! If you’re a Kelly fan who owns a bunch of her previous albums like myself, then I say definitely buy it. If you’re not really a fan of hers, but are still into pop songs, midtempo songs, ballads, rock songs and much more, then I say you should definitely give it a chance – or at least preview it first!

If you decide you want to buy the album, I recommend purchasing it on Kelly’s official website. Why you say? If you make your purchase their, you also have the chance to receive Kelly’s very first EP titled The Smoakstack Sessions. This bonus disc contains re-worked versions of songs from this album, as well as a song from one of her previous albums. Don’t worry though, they are not slower versions or acoustic versions. They’re actually very entertaining!

As I said before, I wasn’t excited at all or really expecting a lot from this album when I heard Kelly was in the studio recording songs for the set. After listening to it, I absolutely love it and it’s one of my favorite albums this year so far! A must have!

Rating: 9/10

To purchase the album today, visit this page. To preview the album before you buy it, visit this page.

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Album Review: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Lady Gaga’s brand new album “Born This Way” just came out today, and what better time to write my official review for the album! Well, for starters, this album is the biggest Gaga has done! It’s deeper, darker, and more meaningful than her previous works; “The Fame” and “The Fame Monster”. Those albums are still some of my favorite albums ever, however, I think this album showcases more of Gaga’s vocal talent as well as her writing style. Take a look at my track-by-track review below… Read More…

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Album Review: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Killer Love’

Nicole Scherzinger’s debut album is finally here! As you might know, Nicole tried solo artistry once before in 2007, prepping to release her then debut album ‘Her Name Is Nicole’, however, bad timing along with bad promotion forced that album to be scrapped and left Nicole to continue venturing on with her former PCD members. Read More…

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Rihanna ‘Loud’ Official Album Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing Rihanna’s newest album ‘Loud’. Now I know that the album came out months ago but I’m still going to review it. Read More…

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